Class: RangedTwoDimensionalFilter

dc.filters. RangedTwoDimensionalFilter

new RangedTwoDimensionalFilter(filter)

The RangedTwoDimensionalFilter allows filtering all values which fit within a rectangular region. It is used by the scatter plot to implement rectangular brushing.

It takes two two-dimensional points in the form [[x1,y1],[x2,y2]], and normalizes them so that x1 <= x2 and y1 <= y2. It then returns a filter which accepts any points which are in the rectangular range including the lower values but excluding the higher values.

If an array of two values are given to the RangedTwoDimensionalFilter, it interprets the values as two x coordinates x1 and x2 and returns a filter which accepts any points for which x1 <= x < x2.

Its filterType is 'RangedTwoDimensionalFilter'

Name Type Description
filter Array.<Array.<Number>>